July - Kit #1 - Grilling

July - Kit #1 - Grilling

Burger Seasoning – Awesome on before, during or after cooking Mix with condiments for a unique flavor.


Montreal Steak Seasoning – So perfect for steak, but have you tried this on veggies on the grill or oven.


All Purpose seasoning – A small spicy kick sets this apart from other spices Mix with mayo for an all-time flavor great for picnics, marinade/grill, sprinkle on mashed potatoes.


Minced onion – not only a great addition to any soup, stew or slow cooked meal, but try mixing in a Hamburger or adding to dip or dressing mix to give a mild onion flavor (let sit for 4 hours to saturate the dry onion). Add to your favorite oil to marinate anything under the sun!


Ancho powder- A Slightly sweet and smoky, these chiles provide mild heat. Along with the other selections you can add before, during or after a meal to season. Add to deviled eggs along with Paprika, Grilled chicken, summer salads & condiments.


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