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Ingredient: natural and artificial vanilla flavor


This highly concentrated vanilla flavoring is designed as a substitute for liquid vanilla extracts, combining natural and artificial flavors to replicate a vanilla extract taste. As there are many strengths and types of flavorings, we don't recommend this as a 1-to-1 replacement. One-tenth of the amount of liquid extract used is a good starting point, but several tests may be needed before you arrive at your own perfect ratio for substitution.


Vanilla bean powder is only recommended as a substitute if the recipe is baked, i.e., cakes, cookies, etc. Substitute 1/2 measure. 1/2 teaspoon powder = 1 teaspoon liquid extract


Single Vanilla Extract

Most pure vanilla extracts that you find in stores are a single-fold extract. The US Food and Drug Administration requires batches of pure vanilla extract to contain 13.35 ounces of vanilla beans per gallon of liquid, which is 65% water and 35% alcohol. Sugar may or may not be added, and the beans will be steeped in the solution for several months. The resulting vanilla extract is dark brown and highly aromatic. This is the most popular type of vanilla used by home bakers, and you can find it in most grocery stores. Just make sure the label says pure vanilla extract, or you may leave with much cheaper imitation vanilla, which is made from the residue of sapwood and charcoal and does not have the same taste.


2-Fold Vanilla Extract

Two-fold, 3-fold (our purée), or 10-fold vanilla extracts are also called essences. The fold equals the strength rating, so 2-fold vanilla extract is made using twice as many vanilla beans as are in single-fold vanilla extract. Bakers prefer the 2-fold extract because it gives a powerful aromatic vanilla flavor that cannot be duplicated by simply adding twice as much single-fold extract. When baking, you can use the same amount of 2-fold vanilla extract that the recipe calls for. Most two-fold vanilla extracts are not available in supermarkets and must be ordered. The best ones for baking are steeped in Madagascar vanilla beans and are called Madagascar Pure Vanilla Extract.

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