About Me

I founded Mrs. Brake’s Spices, Etc. because of my love of children and, more broadly, a love of community.

As an owner of a children’s daycare, I wanted the children to enjoy quality foods, so I eliminated processed flavorings and started making my own blends. The kids loved the new flavors. My blends of barbecue and ranch dressing encouraged them to try a variety of new foods! That’s when I fell in love with creating new flavors that brighten and enhance meals to invite healthy choices.


I researched and experimented with multitudes of spices, flavorings, and dried foods, ultimately creating the variety of offerings that you can now find in the store. In April 2017, I closed the daycare and began Mrs. Brake’s Spices, Etc.


I love serving the people in the community and continue searching for unique and interesting products, discovering new blends, creating new recipes, and offering personal experiences through workshops and education.

Currently I serve as a board member in the Farmington Chamber of Commerce. Taking care of more technical side of things which I also love.


I am committed to helping you flavor any food, anywhere, anytime and I encourage you to "Play with your food"!  

                                                                 Karen Brake

                                                                 Founder and President