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About Me

Let me introduce myself. I’m Karen, the proud owner of Mrs. Brake’s Spices located in Farmington. 🌱🌶️

My journey began with a passion for children, flavors (yes, I love playing with my food!), and a desire to give back to the community. As the owner of a children’s daycare, I wanted the little ones to savor quality foods. So, I ditched processed flavorings and started crafting my own spice blends. The kids adored the new flavors, and that’s when my love affair with creating delightful tastes began. 🍽️

I delved into researching and experimenting with an array of spices, flavorings, and dried ingredients. The result? A diverse range of offerings that you can now find in our store. In April 2017, I made the tough decision to close the daycare, but it paved the way for Mrs. Brake’s Spices. 🌟

Now, let me tell you about our unique approach. We offer spice samplers, so you don’t have to commit to a massive bottle of any one spice. Variety is the spice of life, after all! 😉 I’m always on the lookout for intriguing products to stock our shelves, constantly discovering new blends and creating fresh recipes. Our workshops, classes, and educational experiences are designed to make your culinary journey even more exciting. 🧁🍲

But that’s not all! I’m deeply committed to giving back. As a board member of the Farmington Chamber of Commerce, I’ve been running a small but thriving farm market in the Local Finger lakes Racing Association Parking lot. Handling the technical side of things is my jam! 💼

In my spare time, I channel my creativity into laser engraving and printing. Right now, I’m crafting keychains and earrings. I also Sublimate and make the cutest keepsake reusable bags!

So, here’s my motto: “Play with your food and discover Amazing flavor!” Flavor is an adventure waiting to happen, and I’m here to guide you. 🌟

Feel free to drop by anytime and say hello! You can even window-shop our delightful products on our Shop page. See you soon! 🛒👋

                                                                 Karen Brake

                                                                 Founder and President


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