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Mrs. Brake's Spices Hen House Sampler

Mrs. Brake's Spices Hen House Sampler

Hen House was developed to go perfectly with chicken!


  • even though blend was developed for Chicken you can do so much more than that.
  • You can use this on turkey, wild game, veggies, popcorn, beef and pork!
  • Get your creative cooking mind going to see the infinite uses for this NEW master blend!
  • Try mixing with a condiment for an amazing new flavor. 2 Tablespoons of condiment of your choosing & ½ teaspoon Hen House.
  • Watch Soon for our Barnyard Blend (Hen House, Mocha Rub and Sweet Meat Medley) Coming out in time for Holiday gift giving and Online purchase!


This blend is unique to Mrs. Brake's Spices and is made with NO anti-caking agents or fillers!

  • Return

    No returns except in damage cases. Then you need to call the purveyor to proceed further.

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